Sarah Grace Dye


Instagram: @sarah_grace_dye

YouTube: @sarahgracedye

Sarah is a collector.

She collects objects and ephemera along with a plethora of related stories some
true some imagined narrative. Collecting things that would otherwise be disposed of
starts the journey for most projects. Finding a use and a beauty in the ephemera of
the everyday has become like an alchemic practice. Learning to use the materials
that are all around is an important and direct comment on the tangible textures of
our households and rituals.

The work evolves through documenting, recording, collecting and sharing these
stories. She uses various processes to create, especially drawn to a process that
has some element of surprise in the outcome. Collecting, papermaking, natural dye
and ink making, drawing, cyanotype and creating book structures are amalgamated
together to produce small and perfectly formed keepsakes that echo the essence of
the materials and story they communicate, sometimes direct sometimes abstract.
Her ethos dictates that it is important to waste nothing, that everything has a purpose
and an inherent beauty to be examined, explored, elevated and a new purpose
discovered. The resulting alchemic objects are to be celebrated and shared and